A Stroll through a Venetian’s Venice

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Do you dream of visiting Venice? Do you want to learn more about the City on Water? Enjoy a live virtual tour to help you learn the secrets of Venice through the eyes of a Venetian.

From the comfort of your home join your expert, live on a virtual tour through the alleys and canals of Venice. You will enjoy the Rialto Bridge, see the Grand Canal but also explore out-of-the-way neighborhoods and lesser-known sights, all the while learning about the current events and everyday life of the typical Veneziano! You will get to know the ‘real’ Venice on this unique live virtual tour and leave with loads of inspiration and recommendations for your possible future trip to the city!


  • The tour is live
  • Tour duration: 1 hour
  • The guide is available at any Italian time: during the winter months if the clients would like to see Venice with the light, the last suggested time to start the tour is 4:30 pm. The tour can take place also later and it will be more “mysterious”.
  • For more than 20 guests, please contact daniela@icbellagio.com
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