Discover Florence

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Enjoy Florence at home!  Visit the most important highlights of Florence at your convenience with a private guide.

This virtual tour covers the most important squares and views of Florence in one hour. Start in Piazza della Signoria with the original renaissance statues, after an introduction to Renaissance history the tour covers the Uffizi Loggia. You will learn about the Uffizi collection and the history of all the bridges of Florence. Next stop will be Piazza della Repubblica, a hotspot in Florence, which just happens to be the oldest and the newest square in the city at the same time. Last stop is the Duomo: the 4th biggest church in the world, with its secrets and spectacular statues and doors that will leave you speechless.


  • Tour duration: 1 hour
  • The tour is live
  • Always check with the guide the best time for the tour
  • For more than 20 guests, please contact
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