Streets of Naples

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Are you curious about Naples, its culture and folklore? Do you want to learn more about this vibrant city and its most famous food, “la pizza”? Jump on a private call with your local expert guide and imagine that you are in Naples from the comfort of your home!

Naples is often called the City of Contrasts, and many of its charms are well hidden from sight. With its strong ties to the sea, rich history and contributions by many cultures, it has many stories to tell: artisan workshops carrying on centuries-old trades, hidden palaces revealing secret gardens and out-of-the-way chapels boasting museum-worthy collections. Traditions are revealed here, from the legendary Pizza Margherita and icy granita to ornate nativity scenes and eclectic architecture. Your guide will give you a sense of how some things have changed over the years, even as others stay very much the same.


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