Claudia Coppa

Itinerary Designer
Itinerary Designer
A passeggiata through the ruins of Sicily, the aroma of almond trees and a sunset over the Valley of the Temples… That’s my Italy! .fusion-body .fusion-button.button-1 .fusion-button-text,.fusion-body .fusion-button.button-1 i{color:#000000;}.fusion-body .fusion-button.button-1{border-color:#000000;border-width:1px 1px 1px 1px;border-radius:0px 0px 0px 0px;background:white;font-family:"Open Sans";font-weight:300;}.fusion-body .fusion-button.button-1:hover .fusion-button-text,.fusion-body .fusion-button.button-1:hover i,.fusion-body .fusion-button.button-1:focus .fusion-button-text,.fusion-body .fusion-button.button-1:focus i,.fusion-body .fusion-button.button-1:active .fusion-button-text,.fusion-body .fusion-button.button-1:active i{color:#ffffff;}.fusion-body .fusion-button.button-1:hover,.fusion-body .fusion-button.button-1:active,.fusion-body .fusion-button.button-1:focus{border-color:#ffffff;border-width:1px 1px 1px 1px;background:#000000;}Discover my favorite
IC Bellagio Experience

Experience – Lake Como Bike & Wine Tour 

Today enjoy your very special wine and bike experience with your local expert guide!
Today you will ride with your e-bike toward the Northern tip of the lake for a 28km one-way ride on traffic-free roads and paths. The terrain is mixed between bike paths, old mule tracks, and lakeside trails, with a continuous up and down elevation and constant lake views as we pass through old villages and hidden streets. Stop at Cantina Sorsasso, one of the very few places that produces wine in this area, for a special wine tasting and lunch in family environment and with a fantastic panorama!