Marta Valsecchi

Business Relations Manager

Business Relations Manager
Breathing deeply on a sunny winter’s day with snow on the mountains, waves on the lake and a cool breeze... That’s my Italy!

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IC Bellagio Experience[/fusion_button]

Experience – Eco-Farm visit, Picnic Lunch & Wine Tasting

Passion for wine and food? Today visit a great Eco-Farm overlooking the sea and enjoy a picnic with local products followed by an exclusive wine experience…
This morning you will meet your local guide in Portofino and together with your driver you will reach La Portofinese Eco-Farm overlooking the “Bay of the English”. This farm is a living museum of facets of Portofino’s life welcoming visitors to discover and taste its natural treasures and today you will have the chance to enjoy including the bee garden, vineyards, olive trees and butterfly area. The visit is followed by an appreciative picnic tasting experience of their local products including their craft beer “La Portofinese”, sampling of Portofino’s very own honey and other local products. This tour also includes an exclusive wine tasting guided by their expert enologist.