Michela Romanetti

Itinerary Coordinator

Itinerary Coordinator
Exploring the Italian Villages on a sunny day and enjoying local food… That’s my Italy!

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Hiking – The Via Francigena from Colle Val D’Elsa to Monteriggioni – TO 2892

Today live the Pilgrim experience on the Via Francigena and walk the amazing path from Colle Val D’Elsa to Monteriggioni!
Today walk one of the most beautiful pieces of the Pilgrim’s Way from Colle Val D’Elsa to Monteriggioni. You will dive into nature following the path next to the Elsa river, you will come across steps, wooden fences, small crossing points and safety fences. Along the way you will stop to enjoy a well-deserved picnic lunch in the vineyard before continuing  your walk to Monteriggioni, a special middle age village.