Sara Bergamin

Guest Ambassador

Guest Ambassador
Strolling by ancient Roman ruins, browsing local artisan shops, and savoring fresh, flavorful dishes made with love...That’s my Italy!

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Vomero Hill & Authentic Naples

Neapolitan culture is proud, superstitious, and passionate. Have a chance to know more on this off the beaten track tour and discover the story of the city through its street art.

Follow your host through the heart of Naples and discover the Vomero bourgeois neighborhood, walk the picturesque steps of Petraio all the while admiring the many “Liberty” Villas and visit the most authentic and popular area of Naples:” The Spanish Quarter”. The energy of this place makes it a very fertile place for contemporary and street artists experiments, here you can enjoy the artworks of Ciop&Kaf, Riccardo Dalisi and the gigantic mural by Francisco Bosoletti.