Andrea Grisdale

CEO & Founder

CEO & Founder
The soft lap of water on the side of a boat as you drift through Venice’s quaint minor canals… That’s my Italy!

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Experience – Be a Tuscan Cowboy for a day

Today enjoy a very special experience at La Forra Riding Club, located on a hilltop and surrounded by the natural beauty of vineyards and olive groves typical of the Tuscan landscape…
The Buttero is not only an heroic character representing the symbol of an ancient land, such as Maremma, he is above all the guardian of the 1000 year old secrets of his trade. Today, experience the thrill of moving the Maremma cows and the release of a single cow from the herd for various purposes. You will be introduced to the characteristics of the Maremma saddles, the traditions and daily work of the “buttero”, and the tools and the typical clothes of the Maremma buttero. Understand the important aspects of the breeding of Maremma cows and of course at the end of your ‘live as a local experience’, enjoy a fabulous lunch at the estate’s restaurant!